Date posted: September 13, 2016 Author: jolanta


    ART MARKET BUDAPEST defines a new cultural region: YOUNG EUROPE, where we may find combined influences from the former Communist countries stretching from the Baltic States to the Balkans, and from such sources of cultural inspiration as Turkey or Israel in the South, countries of Central Asia in the East, or even a progressive new generation of artists from the already established West. And what can be more attractive than a fair that is GLOBAL AND LOCAL at the same time?

    Exhibitors having arrived from over 30 countries and an audience of over 25 thousand international visitors clearly indicate that there had already been a demand in the art world for this new artistic platform to bring freshness to the European and global art scene.

    ART MARKET BUDAPEST has created a meeting point in Budapest for lovers of art, where YOUNG EUROPE welcomes its guests with comfortable circumstances and developed infrastructure, and invites you to a place where it is pleasant for artists and collectors, experts and art-lovers to come together.


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