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    Since its launch in the summer of 1995 as both a web and a hard copy print publication, nyartsmagazine.com (NYAM) has continued to be the fastest growing art portal in New York City, and currently has more than 20 million annual hits. The information is updated daily, and our archives and daily newsletters include 2,000 galleries, 10,800 shows, 40,000 artists, and 35,000 images. Though NYAM’s focus is New York, our mission is to actively promote the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art worldwide by providing easily accessible art information.

    NYAM has been referenced in newspapers, art magazines and on art sites around the globe and in thousands of art blogs, and personal artist sites.

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    NY Arts Contributing Writer

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    Koan-Jeff Baysa, Matthew Bourbon, Horace Brockington, Nick Kline, Simone Cappa, Christopher Chambers, Mark Daniel Cohen, Jill Conner, Eduardo Costa, Antonia Cucchiara, Samantha Culp, Jamie Dalglish, Arthur C. Danto, Ralph Darbyshire, Joe Fyfe, Julie Fishkin, Thomas Girst, Randy Gladman, Jolanta Gora, James Graham, Matthias Harder, Benjamin La Rocco, Matthew Hassell, William Jeffett, James Kalm, Merrily Kerr, Lee Klein, Joyce Korotkin, Justina Kostek, Donald Kuspit, Keri Kutler, Emily Lodish, Slawomir Marzec, Maria Teresa Muoz, Robert C. Morgan, John F. Moore, Jr, Joanna Neborsky, Elizabeth Newman, Sarah Northmore, Valery Oisteanu, Achille Bonito Oliva, Saul Ostrow, Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Pardo, Anna Pasztor, Enrico Pedrini, John Perreault, Irena Poipiashrili, Carter Ratcliff, Jennifer Reeves, Robert J. Ricci, Kenneth Rinaldo, Nadja Rottner, Edward Rubin, Irene Small, Kris Scheifele, Erica Snow, Grady T. Turner, Arhan Virdi, Barbara Westman, Shin-Yi Yang, Rachel Youens, Jaroslaw Zajac, Raul Zamudio, Tony Zaza, Harriet Zinnes, Nina Zivancevic.


    Ronald Feldman, Ilya Kabakov, Lawrence Weiner, Dennis Oppenheim, Annina Nosei, Mike Bidlo, P.S.1, El Museo del Barrio, Daze.


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    Not responsible for the return of unsolicited manuscripts, unless accompanied by self-addressed, stamped envelope. NY Arts Magazine is published quarterly. Publisher of NY SoHo Listing & Map, NY Chelsea Listing & Map, NY Uptown Listing & Map. Sponsor of NY Arts Biennial. Distribution: IPD, Hudson News, Source Interlink, Ubiquity.

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