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    NY Arts – Digital Advertising and Marketing Summer 2017:

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    NY Arts Magazine (NYAM) was established in the summer of 1995 as both a web and a hard copy print publication, nyartsmagazine.com has continued to be the top destination art portal, and currently has more than 3 million annual hits. Though NYAM’s focus is New York, our mission is to actively promote the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art worldwide by providing easily accessible art information and promotion. NYAM has been referenced in major newspapers, art magazines and on art sites around the globe and in thousands of art blogs, and personal artist sites.

    NY Arts is No. 1 in primary art related keywords in all Organic Google searches.

    Since January 2015 NY Arts Magazine partners with Bincode Inc. and we are the fastest growing digital media online art publication.

    NY Arts Digital Advertising Specs and Packages
    Homepage Highlights:


    Gallery-Museum-Artist Listing

    ** Please Note:
    Any listing on NY Arts website will stay online in our archives Google searchable.

    Event, Exhibition, Opening Listing on NY Arts ‘Exhibits/Events’ section:

    Art Fairs Listing

    Artist Page – Catalogue listing on NY Arts website:

    Classifieds & Sponsors Advertising Page:
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    – Sponsor Submission

    NY Arts Monthly Newsletter – Mass Email Blast and Marketing

    Standard Mass Newsletter:
    – Our standard newsletter with information about your upcoming event/exhibition linked to NY Arts events section or directly to your website. We run this newsletter 2x a month to all our subscribers.

    *Very Popular* –  Exclusive Mass Newsletter:
    – If you wish to have an exclusive NY Arts mass mail/newsletter only for your exhibition-event with all the details/press release
    We run this newsletter 3x at desired time to all our subscribers. The design included!

    NYAM Edition Marketing Membership

    Currently, we are also offering a Special Edition Membership marketing available for artists, galleries, museums and art enthusiasts throughout the year as follow:

    NY Arts Special Edition Digital Marketing Membership Packages:

    NY Arts Magazine Premium membership offer includes:
    – 3x Special Exhibition/Artist highlights on NY Arts Magazine website.
    – 3x NYA online Catalogue Submission.
    – 1x Exclusive Newsletters send out to all NY Arts subscribers.
    – 3x Social Media highlights on NYA Facebook & Twitter
    – 1x top banners art/exhibition promotion on home of www.nyartsmagazine.net(banner design included).

    NY Arts Magazine Special Edition membership offer includes:

    – 2x Special Exhibition/Events Artist highlights on NY Arts Magazine website.
    – 1x NYA online Catalogue Submission.
    – 2x Standard Newsletters send out to all NY Arts subscribers.
    – 1x Social Media highlights on NYA Facebook & Twitter.

    For Pricing and Additional Digital Advertising Information and Inquiries contact:

    Editorial Inquiry:

    Publisher Abraham Lubelski