• January 9, 2008

    Date posted: January 9, 2008 Author: jolanta
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    International Top News

    Guinness Collection at Morris Museum

    Morris Museum was awarded the Murtogh D. Guinness collection of 700
    historic mechanical musicalinstruments and automata (mechanical
    figures) and more than 5,000 programmedmedia, ranging from player piano
    rolls to pinned cylinders in 2003. The Guinness Collection is a
    remarkable rare collectionthat is brand-new to the Morris Museum.  This
    international collection isthe only exhibit of its kind in the world
    and it’s now open for the first timeto the public. The Guinness
    Collection features nearly 700 rare mechanicalmusical instruments and
    automata dating from the late 16th to the early 20thcentury. The
    musical boxes, multi-instrument devices, street organs,orchestrions and
    mechanically activated life-like are a fascinating look into thepast.
    As a vibrant educational and cultural center in New Jersey, the Morris
    Museum is honored to share this world-class collection with the public.
    The museum looks forward to being an international destination for the
    unique subject of mechanical musical instruments and automata. (Morris
    Museum, January 9, 2008)

    Stolen Masterpieces Rediscovered

    by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari stolen last month from Brazil’s
    Sao Paulo Museum of Art were recovered undamaged, the Associated Press
    reports. Police found the artworks, covered in plastic and leaning
    against a wall inside a house on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, after one
    of the suspects led them to the home. Julio Neves, president of the Sao
    Paulo Museum of Art, said Picasso’s Portrait of Suzanne Bloch, valued at about $50 million, and Portinari’s O Lavrador de Cafe,
    valued at $5 to $6 million, were in "absolutely perfect condition," and
    would be hung in the same places they occupied before robbers broke
    into the museum with a crowbar and car jack on Dec. 20. "The museum is
    upgrading and improving its security system to prevent this kind of
    thing from happening again," Neves said. The museum will reopen on
    January 11. (Artinfo, January 9, 2008)

    Openings and Art Events on Thursday, January 10

    New York:

    –    Warren Isensee at Danese
    –    “Virtual Sculpture & Transfigurations of the Human Figure”,
    photography by Laura Graham, Barbara E. Leven & Joel Simpson at MH
    Art & Framing Gallery, www.mhartandframe.com
    –    Barbara Roux, “Under Cover of Trees” at A.I.R. Gallery, www.airgallery.org
    –    Debra Baxter at Massimo Audiello, www.massimoaudiello.com
    –    Eric Eley, “Prospect Fields” at Platform Gallery, www.platformgallery.com
    –    “Geometric Abstraction” at McKenzie, www.mckenziefineart.com
    –    Robert Zandvliet, “Inner Landscapes” at Peter Blum, www.peterblumgallery.com
    –    Doug Bootes, “The Rapture of Form” at Agora, www.agora-gallery.com
    –    Rania Mesiskli, “Dancing in Diamonds” at Amsterdam Whitney
    Gallery, www.amsterdamwhitneygallery.com
    –    Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz, “Islands” at PPOW, www.ppowgallery.com
    –    Domingo Milella at Tracy Williams, www.tracywilliamsltd.com
    –    “New Prints” at IPCNY, www.ipcny.org
    –    “Made in France”, eight artists and the graphic novel at Nyehaus, nyehaus.com
    –    “African American Art: 200 Years” at Michael Rosenfeld, www.michaelrosenfeldart.com
    –    Michel Tabori at Dillon, www.dillongallery.com
    –    Michael Bell-Smith, “Bouncing Lights Forever” at Foxy, www.foxyproduction.com
    –    Victor Pytko at BooMA Gallery, www.victorpytko.com
    –    Michael Salter, “Are You Sure” at Jeff Bailey Gallery, baileygallery.com
    –    Tobias Buche, Jonas Lipps at Lehmann Maupin, www.lehmannmaupin.com
    –    “Vaginal Rejuvenation”, Amanda Ross-Ho, Kirsten Stoltmann at Guild & Greyshkul
    –    Randi Bull, “Print Retrospective” at Trygve Lie Gallery, www.trygveliegallery.com
    –    “Return to Angelica”, “mac Premo” at Pavel Zoubok, pavelzoubok.com
    –    Carl D’Alvia at Derek Eller Gallery, www.derekeller.com
    –    Piotr Janas at Bortolami, bortolamigallery.com


    - “Whole Parts” at Sam Francis Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    – International Miniprint Finland, November 16, 2007–February 3, 2008, Lahti, Finland
    – Utrecht Manifest, November 24, 2007–February 11, 2008, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    – Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 3–14, 2008, Palm Springs, California

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