• December 19, 2007

    Date posted: December 19, 2007 Author: jolanta

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    International Top News

    Russia Cancels Exhibition in London

    Officials in Moscow canceled a major exhibition of Russian and French Masterpieces at the Royal Academy in London today, worsening Russia and the United Kingdom’s already widening cultural rift, the Guardian reports. The exhibition, "From Russia: French and Russian Art Masterpieces of 1870-1925," billed as one of the highlights of the Royal Academy’s year, was scheduled to open on January 26, but Irina Antonova, general director of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, said that institution and three others, the State Hermitage Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum, would not loan artworks because of worries that they might be subject to legal claims, and Britain had not guaranteed their return. (Artinfo, December 19, 2007)

    UBS Exhibition in Tokyo

    Europe’s UBS bank is showcasing 140 of its more than 1,000 paintings, photographs, sculptures, video works, and other contemporary art, in its largest exhibition ever and its first in Japan, in Tokyo next year, Bloomberg reports. The exhibition is aimed at increasing the Zurich-based bank’s profile in Japan, which has the world’s second-largest economy. (Artinfo, December, 19 2007)

    Openings and Art Events on Wednesday, December 19

    New York:

    — "The Whitney’s Collection" @ Whitney Museum of American Art  www.whitney.org
    — Joyce Pensato, "The Eraser," 6-8pm @ Friedrich Petzel Gallery  www.petzel.com
    — John Miller, "The New Honeymooners," 6-8pm @ Friedrich Petzel Gallery  www.petzel.com
    — John Miller, "The New Honeymooners," 6-8pm @ Metro Pictures  www.metropicturesgallery.com
    — "The 7th Annual Red Show," 6-8pm @ Cheryl Hazan  www.cherylhazan.com/index.html 


    — Anthony Holdsworth, "A Summer in Italy and Istria," 5:30-7:30pm @ Caffe 817, Oakland, CA  www.cafe817.com/ 
    — "SF360 Film+Club: The Knife: Silent Shout," 7pm @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA  www.mezzaninesf.com/calendar.asp 

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    — PragueBiennale3, May 16 to Sept 16, Prague, Czech Republic
    — Edinburgh Art Festival, July 26 to Sept 2, Edinburgh, Scotland
    — Art Nocturne Knocke, Aug 4 to 15, Knokke—Heist, Belgium
    — DigiFestival, Aug 15 to Sept 15, Florence, Italy
    — Helsinki Festival, Aug 17 to Sept 2, Helsinki, Finland
    — Montreal World Film Festival, Aug 23 to Sept 3, Montreal, Canada
    — ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Aug 31 to Sept 30, Kuopio, Finland
    — The Mercosul Biennial, Sept 1 to Nov 17, Porto Alegre, Brasil
    — 10th Istanbul Bienniale, Sept 8 to Nov 9, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
    — Time—Based Art Festival, Sept 9 to 18, Portland, USA
    — The Athens Biennial, Sept 10 to Nov 18, Athens, Greece
    — 20/21 British Art Fair, Sept 11 to 16, 2007, London, UK
    — Bienniale de Lyon, Sept 17 to Jan 6, 2007, Lyon, France

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