• Personalized Memories

      Tuesday, 9 November 2010 19:32

      Recently, I made some pieces for the Son of Heaven series and the Memory series. Son of Heaven is a series of some colored eggs. Memory is a series of oil paintings where the subjects are black-and-white photographs from my childhood. These works chronologically echo my previous pieces. In my work, the bird is a […]

    • The Greater Picture

      Monday, 8 November 2010 14:59

      Rashid Rana critiques culturally constructed, negative stereotypes of women through his work, whether in relation to the sexual objectification of women through the pornography industry, or in relation to how the burqa is worn and perceived as a political symbol in a post-9/11 era. In the Veil Series I, II, & III, Rana depicts an […]

    • Inside Psycho-theater

      Friday, 5 November 2010 14:16

      The person that the artist knows best and can control the most is the self. The possibilities of self-deceit are reduced to a minimum and a control of the subject matter is presented to the gaze of the spectator. These sculptural works are not only about capturing an individual, analysis of expressions, strengths, and limitations, […]

    • Unconventional Shock Therapy

      Thursday, 4 November 2010 14:04

      Ceramist Beth Cavener Stichter’s recent series, On Tender Hooks, may at first glance give an impression that it’s intended to shock. Stichter’s intent, however, is to provoke self-examination through exploration of human psychology as presented in an animal form. On Tender Hooks forces the audience to question personal conventions and human nature as a whole: […]

    • Oblique Fixations

      Wednesday, 3 November 2010 14:09

      I am in love with drawing, and I use my seductive technique to take aim at the way sexuality and nature is fetishized. My hybrid humanoid drawings tweak expectations of what is “natural” and “synthetic” about corporeality, desire, and the natural world. The intersection of opposing sensibilities activates my work; I craft images that are […]

    • Knifing Skin

      Tuesday, 2 November 2010 14:20

      The first skin drawing was of a small pair of folded hands that I dotted onto my thigh. At the time, I was working on a series of fabric drawings and out of mild curiosity, decided to transfer a drawing onto myself instead of the fabric. This very innocent studio distraction continued until the drawings […]

    • Quirky Intent

      Monday, 1 November 2010 14:24

      Swedish photographer Sophie Mörner founded Capricious Magazine in 2004. It is a biannual publication dedicated to showcasing emerging fine art photography. Its contributors and subject matter span the globe, and is comprised almost entirely of images. It has very little text, and the pages are perforated to encourage the pinning up of its contents. Since Capricious collaborates with guest […]

    • Camera-Shy

      Friday, 29 October 2010 13:57

      My work consists of self-portraits. I love the concept of being the model, the stylist, the photographer, and the post editor. I became interested in photography in 2007 during my undergraduate study in history and English literature. My attention was drawn to photography through an online photo-sharing site. This unique medium captivated me instantly and […]

    • Hongjiang Preserved

      Wednesday, 27 October 2010 14:23

      The town of Hongjiang is situated in Xiangxi (West Hunan). Its unique geographical location at the junction of the Yuanshui and Wushui rivers made Hongjiang a trading center since the Song dynasty, serving the provinces of Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Hubei. During the time of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Hongjiang even became a […]

    • Persistence of Painting

      Tuesday, 26 October 2010 14:20

      Co-curating the exhibition Persistence of Painting, Peter Franck and I try to highlight the skill, dedication and hands-on approach of four young artists, Jeremy Wagner, Karen Seapker, Noah Landfield, and Rachel Budde, along with their individuality, innate creativity and ability to communicate with a contemporary audience. With a provocative mix of abstract and representational elements, […]