• Francesco Siclari: A Natural World

      Monday, 11 February 2013 22:16

      quiet shore   Francesco Siclari, Canal Grande – Venezia. Courtesy of the artist.   Francesco Siclari:  A Natural World By Jill Smith When we think about the modern landscape we envision cities, suburban towns and natural settings all mixing into one.  It’s hard to imagine this not being the case.  Just some 150 years ago […]

    • Luisa Jacobacci: New Visions

      Monday, 11 February 2013 22:02

      hypertexture   Luisa Jacobacci, Donna di Fumo,  Courtesy of the artist.   Luisa Jacobacci: New Visions By Paul Gost There are pioneers and visionaries who have toed the line between painting and sculpture including Rauschenberg and Julian Schnabel. Having had a recent group show at Broadway Gallery, NYC we might add Luisa Jacobacci to the […]

    • Gerald Cournoyer: Bridging The Gap

      Friday, 25 January 2013 20:12

      meditative process   Courtesy of the artist.   Gerald Cournoyer: Bridging The Gap By Rose Hobart Some For Gerald Cournoyer, painting is a meditative process and a way of reflection on his culture, as he tells the stories of many lives through his works.  Cournoyer explores patterns, illusions, realism and abstraction all within a single […]

    • Mara Algehti’s Instense Color

      Tuesday, 8 January 2013 18:27

        abstract colorscapes   courtesy of the artist Mara Algehti’s Instense Color By Paul Gost Mara Algehti is an amazing artist at the height of her career.  She is foremost a painter of color, light and mood.  She was born in 1944 in Allgäu, Algehti eventually attended the College of Fine Arts at the Stone […]

    • Kristians Brekte’s Dark Art

      Tuesday, 8 January 2013 18:15

        gently grotesque   courtesy of the artist Kristians Brekte’s Dark Art By Jill Smith   Kristians Brekte’s work deals with the everlasting themes of life, death, religion, and sexuality.  His subject matter is often dark, graphic, and even grotesque, as his work refuses to lie within any boundaries and hide anything. Brekte’s graphic and […]

    • Hye Ja Moon’s Dynamic Breath

      Tuesday, 8 January 2013 17:41

        bold colors   courtesy of the artist Hye Ja Moon’s Dynamic Breath By Jill Smith   It is no question that Hye Ja Moon is not frightened by color. Her rapturous canvases are imbibed with primary yellows and blues along with kelly greens and burnt oranges—she even includes small rainbow crescents parading as flower […]

    • Erwin Wuk: Supernatural Presence

      Tuesday, 8 January 2013 17:29

      thrilling lightness   Courtesy of the artist.   Erwin Wuk: Supernatural Presence By Jill Smith Some paintings require us to investigate their conceptual properties and political content, and others still their sheer, emotional power.  Erwin Wuk asks us to consider the latter.  Erwin Wuk describes his artwork as, “a service to the supernatural presence and […]

    • Douglas Lyell’s Alter Ego

      Friday, 4 January 2013 21:27

      dynamic painter   Courtesy of the artist.   Douglas Lyell’s Alter Ego By Paul Gost Douglas Lyell is a dynamic painter, sculptor and poet of great intensity.  He most recently exhibited at Broadway Gallery in Soho.  His work caught my eye as provocative, exciting and full of emotion. He goes by the curious moniker, The […]

    • Moberg’s Big Break

      Monday, 19 November 2012 17:35

      anniversary show     Moberg’s Big Break By Paul Gost Moberg Gallery in Des Moines is in full swing this Fall with it’s 10th Anniversary exhibit.  Co-owner T.J. Moberg waS in his 20s when he and his father bought the brick building as a consignment shop. The space doubled as a studio for the two […]

    • Destination Naples: Figurative Artists On The Rise

      Tuesday, 13 November 2012 20:32

      figurative artists   John Terelak   Destination Naples:  Figurative Artists On The Rise By Paul Gost Take a stop in to DeBruyne Fine Art to see the exciting new show on view entitled “Destination Naples.”  The exhibit is a tour de force of figurative and landscape painters.  Stephen Shortridge is a master of reflective light […]