• “Trio: Augustus Goertz, Marianne van Lent & Brian Wood”

    Date posted: March 3, 2016 Author: jolanta

    Opening Reception Sat. March 5, 2016
    Cross Contemporary Art
    81 Partition St. Saugerties, New York 12477
    on view thru March 27, 2016

     “Trio: Augustus Goertz, Marianne van Lent and Brian Wood” is an exhibit of three artists’ abstract meditations of life and its many manifestations. From Brian Wood’s figural/vegetal forms to van Lent’s gestural landscapes and Goertz’ intense textural universes, there is an ambiguity of scale that slides from the cellular to the immense. Each artist contributes to a unique understanding of existence as an eternal shifting of energy from great to small, distant to intimate, fleeting and permanent. This seesawing back and forth in scale allows the viewer the distinct experience of multi-dimensional travel and the compression of simultaneous time. 

    “Trio: Augustus Goertz, Marianne van Lent and Brian Wood” is co-curated by Ford Crull and Jen Dragon. 

    About the Artists

    Augustus Goertz: 
       Augustus Goertz’s paintings involve a building of texture and pigment creating a hybrid sculptural surface.  This construction allows the nuances of changing light to participate in the experience of the artwork. The scale of his canvases shifts from aerial to terrestrial, from the vast sweep of a landscape to the miniaturization of a child’s toy. These paradoxical references give the viewer a distinct sensation of swinging from one reality to the next through an environment at once infinitely large and minute. More about the artist: http://bit.ly/ccagoertz

    Marianne van Lent:
    Marianne van Lent captures the transcendence between the spiritual and material worlds. There may be suggestions of scale in her paintings with the inclusion of landscape references or biomorphic elements however she bypasses that reality by allowing indeterminate and mystical elements to float through, as if they were thoughts in the mind’s eye, intimate psychological states or the elusive space between worlds. More about the artist: http://bit.ly/ccamvlent

    Brian Wood:
    The paintings and drawings of Brian Wood create a powerful experience of organic forms in ambiguous scale. Colorful, biological shapes create their own luminosity in the darkness of the canvas or carve a precise, figurative contour from the whiteness of paper. It is not clear if we are encountering massive planetary movements, minute atomic reactions or intimate bodily sensations, nor is it meant to be. Mr. Wood, a Guggenheim Fellow, is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum among many other distinguished public and private collections. More about the artist: http://bit.ly/ccawood

    About Cross Contemporary Art: Cross Contemporary Art is a gallery dedicated to showing mid-career and established artists who have a connection to New York City, Hudson Valley and Catskills region. Open Thurs through Mon 12-6, Tues and Wed by appointment or chance. 81 Partition st Saugerties, NY 12477 Phone Gallery Director Jen Dragon 845.399.9751 for more information.
    "Last Call" ©Augustus Goetz 1997 mixed media on board 12'"x12".

    “Last Call” ©Augustus Goetz 1997 mixed media on board 12′”x12″.

    "Neverland" ©Marianne van Lent oil on canvas

    “Neverland” ©Marianne van Lent oil on canva

     “Volute” © Brian Wood 2012 14 x 11 inches oil on wood

    “Volute” © Brian Wood 2012
    14 x 11 inches oil on wood


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