• ‘Together Stronger’ by Vincenzo Dauria

    Date posted: October 16, 2016 Author: jolanta

    Vincenzo Dauria October 2016

    Selected Artworks:


    – Dimension- I figured, size living simultaneously and overlap with each other, experiencing similar but different moments or maybe the same emotions.



    – Parlarci dentro- indicates the which to speak with the Others, help Others or each other, not to mention only with themselves, the willingness to talk, really, with the other lacks, we built an alter ego with which to solve our problems of conscience.



     -Parlarci dentro-



    -I think Positive-Together stronger is the key to having a sustainable and livable future, all live together with respect for each other, no insane jealousies but building a world dialogue interfacing between us intelligently without arrogance and false ideology of being better to bypass others in a world that’s all, live in dialogue with each other to be Together stronger.

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