• Pool Art Fair

    Date posted: February 23, 2009 Author: jolanta

    largely on artists that do not have representation in art galleries, Pool Art Fair’s ambition is to create a meeting ground for artists, art
    dealers, curators, and buyers. The successor to the acclaimed New York
    Independent Art Fair (November 2000), Pool Art Fair serves as a launch
    pad for many artists in New York and Miami. The simple, modest approach
    of the Pool Art Fair offers an exciting alternative to the "art fair"
    experience for dealers and collectors, as well as to the general

    Me Me Me, 6th Edition of the Pool Art Fair in New York, 3-10pm, March 6-8, 2009 @ Wyndham Garden Hotel, New York City

    Participating artists: Thierry Alet, Kimberly Babcock (Open Ground), Shelly Bahl, Joaquin Balsa Diaz (The Age of Light), Charles Billot, Christie Blizard, Lindsay Bly, Gulsen Calik, Amy Chaiklin, Chrissy Conant, Brian Cronin, Gregory De la Haba, Mehmet Demirci, Robyn Desposito (Open Ground), Leah Devora, Romain Erkiletlian, Antonio Franchini, Manuela Viera Gallo, Christian Gavilanes (The Age of Light), David Gibson, Pamela Gordon, Sean Greene, Michael Guajardo (Open Ground), Beth Harris (Open Ground), Norman W Hinsey, Megan Huston, Alejandro Moreno Jashes, Joanna Johnson, Isolde Kille, Selena Kimball, LIZ N VAL, Lolo (Open Ground), Christophe Lopez-Huici, Aimee Margolis, Lillian Alonzo Marin, Patrick May (Open Ground), Mac McArthur, Mary Murphy, John O, Leah Oates, Sarah Olson, Sono Osato, Young Park, Eric Pelka, Madonna Phillips, Laura Sue Phillips, Joyce Pommer, Elisa Pritzker, Gina Raphaela, Kaelig Redslob, Elizabeth Riley, Casey Roberts, Steve Rockwell, Charles Sainty, Natalie Silva, Mel Smothers, Stan, Margie Steinmann, Pierre St-Jacques, Cigdem Tankut, Christa Toole (Open Ground), Theresa Valla, Mimi Wlodarczyk, Zeeman


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