• ‘Nothing’s Changed’ by Vincenzo D’Auria

    Date posted: December 14, 2016 Author: jolanta


    – 1980’s Free to run on pre-established roads –
    Who suggested to me that working makes us unique and independent sets us apart from each other and makes us independent to choose and realize our dreams, or and ‘something’ that is born with us and must be cultivated over the years and make us less parasites?

    -Man in Black-

    -The machines-

    -Nothing’s changed-
    Not wanting to copy Lucio Fontana, but I’m just saying that nothing’s changed since then. I understand that it is for all those who feel suffocated by a absence of authenticity, it is for those who are compelled to leave their belongings in the name of a God who just wants to get rich at the expense of others ‘ intelligence and not by anything of his.
    Dedicated to all those who want to live.
    – Vincenzo D’Auria

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