• Nine Site-Specific Artist Commissions @ Frieze New York 2016

    Date posted: May 1, 2016 Author: jolanta
    Heather Phillipson, 100% OTHER FIBRES (2016)

    Nine Site-Specific Artist Commissions  and Interventions Animate Frieze New York 2016

    Nine artist commissions, including sound and installation works, will animate Frieze New York both inside the fair and around Randall’s Island Park May 5 – 8, with a Preview on May 4, 2016. Curated by Cecilia Alemani, (High Line Art, New York), Frieze Projects and Frieze Sounds comprise an annual program of new site-specific artworks, plus a creative tribute to a groundbreaking alternative space or artist project. Both form part of Frieze’s non-profit program, which also includes Frieze Talks and Frieze Education.

    Participating artists in this year’s Frieze Projects and Frieze Sounds are Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Maurizio Cattelan, Alex Da Corte, GCC, Anthea Hamilton, David Horvitz, Liz Magic Laser, Eduardo Navarro, and Heather Phillipson.

    Frieze New York is sponsored by Deutsche Bank for the fifth consecutive year, continuing a shared commitment to discovery. Frieze Sounds is presented with BMW.

    From a giant balloon to a reverse pickpocket to a futuristic inhabitable car, the artist commissions add dynamism and magic to the visitor experience and complement the gallery presentations at Frieze New York, appearing unexpectedly in common areas, hidden in booths, in listening stations, moving through and even floating above the fair.

    As curator Cecilia Alemani describes: ‘For this year’s Frieze Projects and Frieze Sounds, we have invited a group of international artists to subvert the rhythm of the fair with new projects that span media, including sculpture, audio, installation and performance. When experienced together, these works create an enchanted atmosphere by invading a highly realistic setting with objects, actions and moments that appear too strange to believe.’

    Presented with BMW, Frieze Sounds will be played in the VIP 7 Series cars at Frieze New York. The works will also be accessible via a listening station inside the new Reading Room and BMW Lounge. The commissions will also be streamed online at frieze.com.

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    Hours, Location, and Admissions

    Frieze New York 2016 is open:
    Wednesday, May 4 (Preview, by invitation only)
    Thursday, May 5, 11am – 7pm
    Friday, May 6, 11am – 8pm
    Saturday, May 7, 11am – 7pm
    Sunday, May 8, 11am – 6pm

    Frieze New York is located in Randall’s Island Park, situated on the East River between Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx, with dedicated ferry and bus services and limited valet parking. There is no self-parking on Randall’s Island. A new ferry service will run from E90th Street on weekdays, taking only five minutes, alongside the ferry service from E35th Street and bus services from the Guggenheim.

    Advance press accreditation is open until April 25 via accreditation.frieze. com.

    Tickets from $10 for Frieze New York 2016 are available at frieze.com.

     Frieze Projects & Frieze Sounds | Program Details

    This year’s Frieze Projects include:

    Alex Da Corte: Outside the North entrance, Da Corte disrupts the landscape of the Randall’s Island Park with a giant inflatable balloon-work floating above the fair. Hovering between appropriation, symbolism, and prank, the work will be revealed at the fair. This project is supported by Bigger Than Life.

    Anthea Hamilton: Hamilton presents a reinterpretation of Kar-A-Sutra -A-Sutra—an iconic project by Italian architect Mario Bellini which was conceived in 1972. Hamilton’s adaptation of Bellini’s futuristic inhabitable car will be completed with a resident cast of mimes, who demonstrate the variety of possible positions that one can assume when inhabiting this hybrid form of transportation, while interacting with the viewers, at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm each day.

    David Horvitz: Wandering throughout the fair is a professional pickpocket, who will surreptitiously deposit a small sculpture in visitors’ pockets. The pickpocket will catch audiences unaware as they move through the fair, stealthily distributing artworks to the distracted and oblivious, and turning an illegal action into a gesture of generosity.

    Eduardo Navarro, Freeze Projects

    Eduardo Navarro, Freeze Projects

    Eduardo Navarro: Positioned outside the fair’s North entrance, a group of performers outfitted with circular mirrors that reflect the sky, will follow and capture the passing of clouds above Randall’s Island at 11.30am, 2.30pm and 5.30pm each day.

    Heather Phillipson: Using repeated sculptural motifs that incorporate video, audio, paint and mass-produced objects, Phillipson imagines the structure of the fair tent as a human spinal cord besieged by mutated dogs and screens, describing the intersecting bodies as ‘a clash of nervous systems.’

    Maurizio Cattelan, Untitled, 2007 Photo Pier Paolo Ferrari

    Maurizio Cattelan, Untitled, 2007 Photo Pier Paolo Ferrari

    Tribute to Daniel Newburg Gallery (1984-1994)
    Maurizio Cattelan, Enter at Your Own Risk—Do Not Touch, Do Not Feed, No Smoking, No Photographs, No Dogs, Thank you (1994/2016): Each year, Frieze Projects features a creative tribute to an artist project or a gallery that has radically transformed the way we experience contemporary art. Following homages to Fashion Moda (2012), FOOD (2013), the Al’s Grand Hotel (2014), and the Flux-Labyrinth (2015), this year’s program celebrates the Daniel Newburg Gallery, which was active from 1984 to 1994, with a special project by Maurizio Cattelan. For this tribute, Cattelan, whose U.S. debut exhibition was also the gallery’s last show, will restage his installation Enter at Your Own Risk—Do Not Touch, Do Not Feed, No Smoking, No Photographs, No Dogs, Thank you (1994), a bare room inhabited by a live donkey, illuminated by a shiny baroque chandelier.

    This year’s Frieze Sounds include:

    Giorgio Andreotta Calò in collaboration with MADRIEMA: This work evokes an imagined sound landscape that keeps unveiling structurally, as layers of audio manipulations are all applied to one short vocal loop, slowly melting into layers of electronic waves.

    GCC: Drawing soundbites from antidepressant ads, airline marketing material and quotes from the Qur’an read by a generic female voice with a vague British accent, this work aims to revitalize spaciousness and explore power, imperialism and allegiance through language.

    Liz Magic Laser: In this audio work, Laser ventriloquizes the voices of Donald Trump and an investigative reporter in a philosophical dialogue that takes on the character of therapeutic ruminations.

    Frieze Sounds is presented with BMW. For full details of all Projects and Sounds, please visit frieze.com.

    Courtesy Frieze New York 2016


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