• Morten Abild Christensen

    Date posted: June 3, 2014 Author: mauri
    Courtesy of the Artist.

    Courtesy of the Artist.

    To paint does not have to be a cleansing process where your negativity and regret is brushed away with every stroke of a brush. To paint can easily be an expression of the opposite; an expression of faith, hope, and love. This is what characterizes my approach to painting.

    My paintings are in many ways an idea of nature; maybe a reflection, maybe an interpretation, maybe some sort of a statement, maybe an expression. It is the drama of the colors that I strive to capture. The contrast between the colors act like a pulse, like vibrant energy. In my universe, colors are a kind of music where the notes have to fit together to create harmony, but also create a dramatic collision and strong confrontations.


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