• Mark Moffett

    Date posted: December 16, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “I am interested in competing levels of information.”


    Courtesy of the artist.


    Mark Moffett


    My current work explores encaustic as a vehicle for a line that is part of the surface rather than painted on the surface. By carving into and backfilling smooth, built-up panels of the beeswax medium, I obtain a direct, stamp-like simplicity. Projecting greater complexity, the built-up panels offer impressionable grounds that may receive any number of embedded representations as simultaneous information.

    As an artist, I am interested in competing levels of information—ways of representing multiplicity and the harmonic incoherence of mixed signals. The general malleability of wax and the crisp outlay of variously descriptive elements allow me to pose, preserve, and strategize an overall effect of accumulated energy. While my uses of subject matter veer between the self-evident and the enigmatic, the clustering of references is meant to promote readings that are less dependent on the imagery itself than on the distracted abstractions that result.


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