• Jesse Brass Art Connection

    Date posted: March 26, 2015 Author: jolanta

    Take a look at the entire series here: vimeo.com/channels/makingart

    Making Art New York, Alyssa Monks, Brooklyn, New York

    “We need to feel like we belong to this experience, we need to know our place, we need to know where we fit. We need to feel that we’re accepted for who we are. So the goal you may think is to, get a show, get press or to make money or to have fame. But it’s not, the thing we all really want is to feel connected.”

    You can find out more about Alyssa here: alyssamonks.com

    Music courtesy of Lerin Herzer, Andrew Joslyn and Podington Bear (podingtonbear.com/)

    For more information about Brass Brothers Films go to brassbrothersfilms.com.

    Connection from Jesse Brass on Vimeo.

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