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    Date posted: April 8, 2015 Author: jolanta
    Jay with Family

    Jay with Family

    My name is José Mercado (jay) I was born in Brooklyn NY 1982 now live in Dallas tx I’m American – Puerto Rican and started painting in 2014 a friend of mine who is a artist told me to give it a try and I been painting ever since I use mostly house paint and spray paints on primed and unprimed canvas I’m inspired by Pollock , Basquiat , just to name a few .. father of two beautiful girls who love my art and married to a very supportive wife ……I have about 18 piece’s at a store front gallery and about 5 piece’s at a public library and am very grateful to have this all happen in a very short period of time and hope to continue this journey in a world full of art.

    Jay's Art

    Jay’s Art



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