• Francisca Correa

    Date posted: July 1, 2014 Author: mauri
    Courtesy of the artist.

    Courtesy of the artist.

    My work covers all aspects of collage, as it allows me to use a wide range of techniques, giving me full freedom for experimentation. The textures, colors, and different materialities join in a process of collecting, sorting, and re-use, resulting in unexpected encounters between these various elements. In my work, the lack of a constant style due to the different images that I arrange in each composition is plain to see. I am interested in the aesthetics of magazines, objects, and daily things, because of the diversity of materials and meanings that they each possess. I can then take them out of context, scramble and rearrange them, creating new exaggerated atmospheres or distortions from reality. All these different elements provide new meanings and new stories which are left to the imagination of each viewer.


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