• Femininity of the Moment

    Date posted: January 27, 2015 Author: jolanta
    Yaro Zajac-Przybylski, “my number is..”, mixed media – aquarel and acrylic on paper, 33″x25″, 2014

    Yaro’s Zajac-Przybylski portraits reveal nostalgia and subtle eroticism. In their explicit depiction, his paintings anticipate to large degree the erotic works of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin. He views femininity as a phenomenon of the moment, and he sees  to express the natural cycle of sensuality and mystery in his portraits of women.
    His drawings and paintings depict the image of a particular female in mystical and seductive manner. He incorporates figures in his portraits into a system of single impression, which has a representational function, and which at the same time creates ‘foggy’  distance between the viewer and the model through the painterly focus on the body, eyes, face, hands or legs. This mystical painterly element is striving for alienation, he in fact succeeds in creating a sensual remoteness between the beholder and the portrayed women that is difficult to characterize, a subtle tension that contributes to the unique magnetism that distinguishes these paintings and drawings.
    – J. Gora-Wita

    Yaro Zajac-Przybylski, “shake with me”, mixed media – aquarel and acrylic on paper, 33″x25″, 2014

    Yaro Zajac-Przybylski, “skype talk – chemio”, mixed media – aquarel and acrylic on paper, 33″x25″, 2013




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