• 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art

      Tuesday, 19 November 2013 23:14

      Featuring: Alison Collins, Caetano de Almeida, Dan Bailey, Dan Estabrook, David Chatt , David Shapiro, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jana Brevick, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao, Lisa Hoke, Paul Chan, Peter Matthews, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Richard Hughes, Sonya Clark, Tehching Hsieh, Walead Beshty and more. 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art November 22, 2013 to January 25, […]

    • Trestle Winter Art Sale

      Tuesday, 19 November 2013 19:33

      Featuring: Lee Arnold, Michael Brennan, Ai Campbell,  Bill Carroll, Nicole Cohen, Dana Crossan, Jennifer Dwyer, Shingo Francis, Veronique Gambier, Joy Garnett, Daniel Hill, Loie Hollowell, Arlan Huang, Rhia Hurt, Will Hutnick, Rachel Kohn, Suzy Kopf, Natalie Lomeli, Allison Maletz, John F. Moore, Janet Pedersen, Simona Prives, Rachna Rajen, Judy Rifka, Jean Rim, Esther Ruiz, Mary Schiliro, Rachel Sharp,  Marcy Sperry, Vincent Stracquadanio,  Candice Strongwater,  Jannell Turner, James Vanderberg, Jia Wei,  Rachael Whitney, Jeanne Wilkinson, […]

    • Christian Marclay at Paula Cooper

      Tuesday, 19 November 2013 19:25

      This new group of works consists of silk-screen on painted backgrounds, featuring onomatopoeias that evoke the sound of painting actions (SPLORCH! SLLURP! WHOOMPH!). Torn from comic book pages, collaged, blown up and printed on canvas and paper, the onomatopoeias extend Marclayʼs investigation into the relationship between sound and image, sampling elements from art and popular […]

    • Tabor Robak, Next-Gen Open Beta

      Monday, 18 November 2013 22:43

      Tabor Robak’s work employs computer generated imaging to create videos of invented worlds. Working in programs including Unity, After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema 4D, the artist explores a secondary, digital reality, rendered in what he refers to as a “Photoshop tutorial aesthetic” or a “desktop screensaver aesthetic.” Tabor Robak, Next-Gen Open Beta November 24, 2013 […]

    • Art Helix

      Friday, 15 November 2013 20:11

      Featuring: Brian Gaman, John Monti and Jennie Nichols Lost or Not November 15 – December 30, 2013 Art Helix 16 Harrison Place Bushwick, Brooklyn arthelix.com

    • David Schafer

      Friday, 15 November 2013 18:55

      In Four Letters to Mahler, Schafer presents a room sized sculpture fabricated of aluminum struts that are host to an eight channel sound work. In this work, Schafer created a complex sonic work based on Schoenberg’s own language but existing more in a Cagean arena of voice that challenges the listener further with degrees of aural […]

    • Pinta NY, 2013

      Thursday, 14 November 2013 22:08

      Featuring: Santiago Carbonell, Guillermo Conte, Roberto Cortazar, Reynaldo Díaz Zesati, Ofill Echevarría, Graciela Fuentes, Claudio Gallina, Fabián Gimenez, Hugo Lugo, Antonio Luquin, Roger Mantegani, César Rangel, Daniel Alcalá, Mónica Espinosa, Moris, Ishmael Randall-Weeks, Marcela Armas, Mauro Giaconi, Mark Powell, Omar Rodriguez-Graham, Omar Barquet, Agustín González, Iván Puig, Jaime Ruíz Otis, Gilberto Esparza, José Luis Landet, […]

    • Transmissions at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

      Thursday, 14 November 2013 21:42

      An exhibition of new work by noted new media artists Brigitte Kowanz and Mariano Sardón. This exhibition investigates encoded language systems and their formation of a cultural dialogue through contemporary sculptural forms. Featuring: Brigitte Kowanz & Mariano Sardón Transmissions November 14 – December 21, 2013 Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery 505 West 24th Street New York City […]

    • Double Hamburger Deluxe

      Thursday, 14 November 2013 21:33

      This exhibition is based around the massive Warhol painting Double Hamburger. Featured: John Ahearn, Mike Bouchet, Peter Coffin, Anne Collier, Mark Flood, Guyton\Walker, Rachel Harrison, Alex Katz, Nate Lowman, Ari Marcopoulos, Tony Matelli, Sam Moyer, Joyce Pensato, Raymond Pettibon, Larry Rivers, Andy Warhol and Martin Wong Double Hamburger Deluxe November 14, 2013 – December 21, […]

    • Giant Ice Cream Cones at Galerie 1m3

      Thursday, 14 November 2013 20:10

      Featuring: Flavio Merlo, Jeanne Graff, Mai Thu Perret, Emanuel Rossetti, Tobias Madison, Emanuel Rossetti, Jeanne Graff, Kerstin Brätsch, Stefan Tcherepnin, Emanuel Rossetti, Gilles Furtwängler. Giant Ice Cream Cones Date: August 18 – October 18, 2013 1m3 Lausanne Switzerland galerie1m3.com