• In Conversation: Jennifer Samet Interviews Elena Sisto

      Monday, 26 March 2012 17:52

      Then I finished the first group of “Girl” paintings I felt that I needed to work from life to get more ideas about light and color. I prefer not to work from a model unless it is family and they were sick of it. So I started working from objects. I became interested in the […]

    • Salt in the Wound

      Thursday, 22 March 2012 16:58

      The film opens with Gianni trying to salvage what is left of his inheritance from his extravagant spending mother, Madame Valeria, by having himself appointed her power of attorney. Her vitality and sharpness, however, lean in her favor and Gianni must sit back as her love for designer clothes and fine wines puts them both […]

    • Matthew Ritchie’s Universal Quest

      Wednesday, 21 March 2012 16:41

      How would God, if he was an artist and a scientist, see our universe from beginning to end in fast-forward? We can see the artistic and scientific answer to that question in Matthew Ritchie’s multimedia works. The objects he creates are monumental and extremely exciting. Ritchie started to think about the universe and its possible […]

    • On Crystal Bridges: Arkansas Enters The Art Scene

      Tuesday, 20 March 2012 15:56

      The Crystal Bridges Museum, which opened in November of last year with the financial assistance of Walmart heiress Alice Walton, is an atypical museum of American art. Nestled in Bentonville, a town in the Northwest corner of Arkansas, Crystal Bridges provides a unique experience and free admission for its ever-increasing number of visitors. While many […]

    • Robert Sagerman: It’s Time

      Monday, 19 March 2012 17:22

      Much like most art worth talking about, being in the presence of the new paintings by Robert Sagerman is the only way to really feel their significance. Recently on view at Margaret Thatcher Projects, the show is fittingly titled “It’s Time.” With each work listed by the number of paint dabs accumulated on the painting […]

    • In Focus: 4 Walls In Berlin

      Friday, 16 March 2012 15:05

      Is Berlin the Bushwick of Europe?  It’s a city vaster than Paris, newer than London and New York, and cheaper than all 3.  In some ways it’s similar to NY, or how NY used to be – a city pinging with artists and still so many empty spaces.  The galleries are supporting the emerging artists […]

    • Hype, Money, Celebrity: Cindy Sherman at MoMA

      Thursday, 15 March 2012 15:17

      One has to be all eyes here.  Cindy Sherman’s camera is busy.  If her compositions aren’t bustling with vivacious color, they are pulsing with sensuality. Fashion unfolds too as well as centerfolds, fairy tales, horror movies, and portraiture.  But this is not only photography. Unusual to her typical form of self-presentation, the artist employs other […]

    • In Conversation: Charles Gute Interviews Matthew Northridge

      Wednesday, 14 March 2012 18:53

      Charles Gute: In addition to your more labor-intensive sculptural works, you’ve been working on a series of smaller collages that seem more related to drawing. There’s a recurring landscape motif that feels almost like a travelogue—like they’re snapshots. But of what? Matthew Northridge: Each collage is an installment in a larger compendiumtitled The World We […]

    • Lisi Raskin’s Military

      Tuesday, 13 March 2012 16:39

      Lisi Raskin’s fascination with the military-industrial complex has long been central to her artistic practice. For over a decade, Raskin’s work has been moored to a Cold War narrative; in Julia Bryan-Wilson’s words, Raskin “performs, rather than enacts,” research. In 2005, the artist spent a month in Scotland looking for nuclear submarines. Since then, she […]

    • This Show Brought To You By The Squatting Movement

      Monday, 12 March 2012 18:33

      In the center of Madrid, facing the famous statue of Cibeles, the vast over-built wedding cake of a town hall has been renovated as an exhibition space and cultural center. The spacious courtyard has been glassed in, and is now a year-round stone lounge and event space. For such a heavy looking building, the interior […]