• Diary of Miami Day One

      Friday, 7 December 2007 12:32

      Yesterday I tumbled violently off a cliff in Bushwick and landed face first in a pile of purple jellyfish—that is to say I’ve arrived in South Beach, Miami. The art fairs I’m here to cover are lined up down Collins Ave, South Beach’s main drag. The strip is comprised of luxury hotels, done up in […]

    • Palm Trees and Rollerblades: A Diary of the Miami Art Fairs

      Wednesday, 5 December 2007 18:02

      Every vocation, corporate franchise, sexual perversion or cultural obsession has its own annual convention. No matter what obscure hobby or freaky shit floats your boat, there is a fair, festival or convention to celebrate it. You could be a dental hygienist, C.F.O., foot fetishist or video game enthusiast. It doesn’t matter. I guarantee you that […]