• Barbara Palka Winek

    Date posted: April 16, 2014 Author: mauri

    Image courtesy of the artist.

    My work is characterized by a searching through and experimentation with the form and matter of painting. It is important for me to expose a painting technique that is improved and enriched by my own experience, which may even lead to the development of my own distinct technique.

    My painting begins with emotion. That emotion builds form and a climate within the picture. This painting is from my inside.

    I am working on a number of cycles that complement each other and together form a full scale of my feelings and experiences. In the cycle Screens, human silhouettes stand amidst light and gloom—life and death. This cycle is characterized by very differentiated matter. Light is very important, which is an essential, formal problem in my paintings. The second cycle is Obsessin, where a woman is wrestling with phobia and obsessions. I try to express these conditions in a symbolic manner with mall predatory creatures in sharp fluorescent colors. The third cycle, Imago, concerns the transformation of a woman into a metaphysical figure. The colors symbolize good energy—color transformation in the direction of emotional elation.


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