• Andrey Aranyshev

    Date posted: December 16, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “my works are clear compositions”


    Courtesy of the artist.



    Andrey Aranyshev



    Film project of old and strange construction

    Is chewing forever sticked in the start

    White-black Adam and Eve

    As a first frame of all dreams and plots

    And kids in love are playing colored scraps of tape

    –Andrey Aranyshev


    I have diverse artistic interests and abilities, working in different genres: landscape, portrait, still-life and narrative picture. The charachteristic features of my works are clear compositions, a combination of painting and graphic techniques and the optimal use of color. The main plot always governs formal means. My works are a complex combination of clear, sharp drawing and exciting unstable paint forms. My canvases embody the ample diversity, expressiveness and beauty of images of the surrounding world.


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