Date posted: May 28, 2016 Author: jolanta
    Kristina Stretkova, World of Light, Artist in Installation

    Kristina Stretkova, World of Light, Artist in Installation

    „Kristina Sretkova is a hot, accomplished young painter. … Some of her paintings carry the fast, bombastic nature of a Mozart allegro others carry the sweet, melancholy refrain of a Chopin nocturne. … This is most easily seen in works like My Heart, (Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm, 2010). Bisecting the canvas at a diagonal, an aorta-like shape is captured in cerulean blues, bright yellows, rose reds, and deep black. It is suspended and dangling in the center, surrounded by a smoky, deep blue-black field. The heart shape is an amorphous amalgamation of impasto swirls deftly applied and overlapping like flower petals in bloom. The central form functions as a gateway to Sretkova’s

    subjectivity. She disarms us with the wistful, organic paint handling and invites us into an inner-world of mesmerizing beauty. Her work shares an affinity with the other highly influential, abstract painters. She is the contemporary bridge between the sublime, evocative vegetative imagery of Georgia O’Keefe and the gestural,

    heroism of Cy Twombly. This work in particular is reminiscent of Twombly’s Peony Blossom Paintings series.“

    NY ARTS Magazine, Spring 2011,

    Abraham Lubelski, New York City/USA

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