• Mériadec Le clainche Sculpture

    Date posted: April 11, 2015 Author: jolanta
    Amour Paternel 31 x 63 x 12

    Amour Paternel 31 x 63 x 12

    Sculptures forged in steel or stainless steel, brushed and painted. These sculptures represent “oxydovégétalisations”. I invented this term to convey the notion that time oxidises our lives, at its own pace, eroding all material, everything on Earth and even the universe. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. We are the result and the victims of these oxydovégétalisations.
    La Naissance de L'Amour 84 x 24 x 10cm

    La Naissance de L’Amour 84 x 24 x 10cm

    I didn’t choose metal as the basic material for my sculptures, but, rather, it chose me, through a process of listening to my friends, including Jacques Bouget and Alain Joriot, themselves passionate artists.
    My creations are, for the most part, free or abstract expressions. I see creation as a way of escaping into a new universe, parallel to our own reality.
    As a child, I created my own robots using the tools available to me. As a teenager, I used materials from the dump and gave them a second life. Today, I try to recycle as much as possible from industrial scrap.
    The world of plants and the sea has always fascinated me and the discovery of photographs by Karl Blossfeldt was a revelation to me and marked a change toward free expression.
    Calder, Picasso, Gonzales, and Brancusi, but also Magritte, Dali, Gaudi, Ingre, John Flaxman or Annette Messager…their work resonates in my mind and proves that creation and the imaginary have no limits in a perpetually changing world; always creating and placing an imaginary world in touch with the real world.

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